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Why Should you Study Computer Engineering

Computing and computer technology are part of just about everything touching our lives today, from the cars we drive to the movies we watch to the many ways we all interact with each other (not to mention with businesses and government).

Understanding the many facets of computing is a necessary skill for any educated person in the 21st century. Whether you want to create the next hot application or simply want to map your next big idea for the boss, studying computing will give you a competitive edge, the ability to solve complex problems, and a career that will never be obsolete.

To keep your career on the cutting edge and marketable in any business environment, consider the following reasons why studying computer engineering is a sound investment:

The digital age needs computer engineers

This is the Digital Age and computer programmes have infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Computer Engineers theorize, design, develop, and apply the software and hardware for the programmes we use day in day out. So having computer engineers is pretty important. Computer engineers are the ones who have made our lives easy with every day innovation. Such a creative field it is, studying computer engineering helps you widen your creative horizon and provide solutions to the problems people haven’t thought about yet. Superb!

There are lots of jobs, and they are high paying

Computing jobs are the highest in number in terms of availability. There are hundreds of areas that a computer engineer can work at, and at every area making a difference. Astoundingly, they are among the high paying jobs in the world. According to the Forbes, computer engineers are among the top ten earners in the world in 2016. Wow!

Excellent job satisfaction

That’s right! Money isn’t the only bonus to getting a job in Computer Science or IT. This sector has one of the highest rates of job satisfaction around. A recent study in the UK found that the job satisfaction in IT is double than that of the national average for other work sectors. Two of the major reasons are the freedom of work they have and the flexibility of work they are provided with. Cool!

Opportunities for true creativity and innovation

Computer engineering is about much more than programming; it is about inventing and building solutions. A computer engineer is an artist whose canvas may be a smartphone or PC display and whose paints and brushes are programming languages and development environments. Can you now imagine a world without Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or Twitter? All of these were created by some college students, and you know who. With a major in computer engineering degree, only sky is the limit. Great!

Limitless future opportunities

It’s true that the computer engineers will transform what the Internet will be like in the next 20 years. Like the rest of infrastructure, the Internet will eventually seem to disappear by becoming ubiquitous. Developing the Internet of Things (IoT) will require specialized skills and computing expertise. By 2030, so many everyday items, appliances, and vehicles will be online that their numbers will far exceed the Earth’s population. And of course, making these networks of devices sufficiently robust and resilient will be a challenge for current and future computer engineers. People’s dependency on computers and devices will increase so much that the computer engineers will have so many things to do. Amazing!

So, if you are considering to study computer engineering after your ssc, you are making the right decision. The future awaits innovative engineers like you who can transform the world and make things easier for people. There will be a time when everything will be digitized, and everything will be easily possible – and computer engineers like you will make that possible.