What you learn here ?

When a student admits our institute at first, we teach them how to build up his/her career perfectly.

Earn a degree with higher global acceptance. Greater opportunities for better placements since the industry prefer hiring from higher graded institutions. Instant recognition of an alumnus of a credible institute.

Making you Industry – Ready!

Engineering Education at MCET, the central college for quality education, is driven by industry, which means you will acquire industry-relevant skills right from day one.

Our Vision

Vision 25
Our aim is to make a large number of solid engineers for IT, Electronics, Architecture industry of Bangladesh and for the world in 2025.

Who will be the soldiers on the journey to implement Vision 25 with us?

What is Vision 25 ?
Vision 25 is a 4 years project launch by Meherpur college of engineering & technology. The object is no more unemployment after 2025 in Meherpur. We want to take the leadership of all the Polytechnique college of Bangladesh in 2025 and want to create a role model to remove unemployment problem and contribution to our economy.

Your dream our inspiration and implementation

Our motto is “We deliver the best initiative to build up your career with the new technology”.

We will make you confident, skilled engineer, self-reliance & make you hard worker.

Why diploma engineering important for you with MCET?

  • 1st world is going to be changed.
  • Every national and multinational companies and industry changed their system to
  • survive the next world after this pandemic.
  • Every industry is going to use technology-based working.
  • Online office will be running everywhere and for this every industry needs technical

So without technical education you cannot enter this new generation technical world.
So, technical education is the key to entering the next generation world.

Facilities & Opportunities For All Students MCET

  • Presentation
  • English Speaking
  • Outsourcing
  • All the students get scholarship facility
  • Yearly study tour